Badass Mormon Missionaries Fight Back Against Gun-Toting Bandits In Brazil

They may look unthreatening, walking around with their white shirts and backpacks, but it turns out that some Mormon missionaries are actually quite dangerous. Intense video footage from the streets of Brazil shows a pair of missionaries easily fending off an attack from gun-toting bandits without even breaking a sweat.

The bizarre incident took place in Manaus, a city well known for its rampant violent crime. Surveillance footage captured what looked like bad news in the making, as a pair of thugs rolls up on a motorcycle and menacingly approached the missionaries.

As other victims begin handing over their possessions at gunpoint, the badass Mormon suddenly grabs the robber with the gun and wrests it out of his grasp, pointing the firearm at the other robber who tries to join in.

He then throws the gun over a fence before humiliating the robber with a flurry of beastly punches, wrestling with him until the two end up on the other side of the street. The throw-down continues for several moments until the robber frees himself from the enraged Mormon’s clutches and sprints away.

The LDS church released a statement confirming that the two Mormons were assigned to the Manaus mission and were in good health after the attack, but declined to release their identities.