Unbelievable Moment Mom Pulls Gun On Barber Because She Was Taking Too Long

There’s helicopter parenting and then there’s this: police are on the lookout for a Cleveland mother who was caught on surveillance footage brandishing a firearm in a barber’s shop because she was angry that her 7-year-old son’s haircut was taking so long.

The bizarre incident took place on April 14 at the Allstate Barber College, where haircuts only cost six dollars and are given by stylists in training. The unidentified mother can be seen menacingly approaching the barber cutting her son’s hair when another worker intervenes.

After a heated exchange, the mother suddenly reaches into her purse and pulls out a firearm. “I got two clips. I’ll pop you,” the woman told the barber.

When a manager threatened to call the police, the mother claimed to hold a concealed carry license and insisted that she was well within her rights to brandish the weapon. She eventually acquiesced and put the gun away until her son’s haircut was finished and left shortly thereafter.

No word has surfaced as to what charges, if any, police plan to bring against the impatient mother.