Spectacular Car Crash Caught On Tape After Driver Goes 100 MPH In A 25 MPH Zone

The Wisconsin man who was involved in a shocking car crash in the village of Pewaukee has been revealed identified. Mitch D. Forbush was caught on surveillance footage as he barreled across the sidewalk and into two buildings in his 2002 Ford Taurus.

The clip shows a moment of peace outside of the Village Hall Police Department, filmed on the morning of August 26. Suddenly, the 35-year-old's car lurches into view, smashing the building’s sign and plowing through hedges at an unbelievable speed.

Forbush also crashed into a house, a tax preparation building, a stop sign, and a light post as part of his high-speed rampage. According to police, the car reached speeds of up to 100 mph in the 25 mph zone before finally screeching to a halt. 

Witnesses claim that Forbush unintentionally jumped a curb after losing control of the vehicle. Only the driver was hurt in the accident and he has remained in the hospital since for treatment of unspecified injuries.

The police report cited inattentive driving and driving too fast for conditions as reasons behind the accident, but did not mention whether Forbush was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. No word has surfaced as to the monetary damages incurred by Forbush’s path of destruction.