Mississippi River Flood Draws Tourists

Posted by Newsfeed on May. 09, 2011

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Mississippi River Flooding on Newsfeed - Flooding from the Mississippi river in Memphis, TN has strangely become one of the latest tourist attractions in the region. Which finally answers this question, what state in the US has the least amount of fun things to do? People are travelling hours to get a peak at the damage that the disaster has caused and take pictures of it. Ok, let me just say this… I am pretty sure that it’s never a good idea to drive towards any sort of disaster. Trust me, that new Facebook profile picture you got of you throwing up peace sign in front of the tornado is never worth it.Hey, weary US traveler...are you interested in doing some sightseeing in Memphis this year? Don't do the tired old thing by heading over to Elvis' Graceland. Check out the Mississippi River flooding over levees instead! Fun for the whole family.

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