MIss America 2011

MIss America 2011 on newsfeed -Do you guys feel that? There is definitely way more World Peace flowing around today after the 2011 Miss America pageant happened on June 19th in Las Vegas, NV. That’s a great place to hold the event in so all of the girls can get a feel for the city they’ll most likely end up working in as an adult. The big winner was Alyssa Campanella from California. She has a pretty compelling personal story. She was runner-up in Miss Teen USA in 2007; she won Miss California in 2010; then won Miss America 2011; and now will go on to compete in Miss Universe 2011! Did I say compelling? … I meant the opposite of that. In her bio it states that she loves space exploration and calls herself a history nerd… basically she’s a fan of anything that makes people hate her less for being super hot. I totally know the feeling.