Minoxidil and Propecia Together

This is a transcript of Minoxidil and Propecia Together on Newsfeed…If you are experiencing a receding hairline or hair loss and are not Jason Statham, I am sorry. But before you start using hair restoration drugs Propecia and Minoxidil here are some pro’s and con’s: Minoxidil: Pro: it can be purchased over the counter and it comes in an easy to use foam that you can use in the shower so you can keep it a secret from your roommate. Con: It ironically, may cause significant hair loss so you will be back at square one again, just several hundred dollars poorer. Propecia: Pro: 2 out of 3 men who use propecia see definite hair growth. Con: Sexual side effects include erectile dysfunction and impotence. That’s right guys, what they don’t show you in those commercials, is after the guy’s new hair gets felt up by a hot lady, him crying in her arms in their hotel room as he explains why he will never be a father.