PETA, you may now get pissed off again. The Philadelphia Eagles made quarterback Michael Vick a very wealthy man for the 2nd time in his career, signing him to a 6 year contract for 100 million dollars. Now, this is the 2nd 100 million dollar contract that Vick has signed in his career. Yup, that's a 100 million dollars for each of his playoff victories in his career (only 2). But If you'll recall, the 1st huge deal that he signed with the Atlanta Falcons in 2004 disappeared with his freedom a few years ago after being convicted of owning & operating dogfighting rings. Granted, he still owes plenty of money to all his legal issues, but with 40 million in guaranteed money coming from this deal and with Vick's promise to give back to the canine community, that means we're about to see some Pitbull's with bling. We ain't never seen a doghouse with the butterfly doors. Well, we're about to.