Hey everybody, my name’s Mike Polk and you’re watching Newsfeed. Most likely by accident because your cat jumped on the keyboard.

You may remember Soleil Moon Fry from the hit 80’s television show Punky Brewster, in which she played a little orphan girl who grew up to get a breast reduction just to break my heart.

Soleil revealed in her recent book “Happy Chaos” that as an 8 year old, she went to Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch where the two shared a hot tub together.

You heard me right folks, Michael Jackson is still creeping everyone out from beyond the grave.

According to Fry, prior to hitting the jacuzzi the two of them watched “Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory”, which apparently wasn’t remotely disturbing or suspicious to Soleil Moon Fry’s parents.

Is it too late to call social services on Soleil Moon Fry’s parents just because she’s 35? It is? Okay.

We all know Michael had a thing for Emanuel Lewis, and now, in light of Soleil’s admission, more 80’s child stars are coming forward to admit that they too used to hot tub with MJ. And those stars include:

Skippy from family ties, the robot girl from small wonder, and Alf.

It’s funny cause it’s true.

Explain to me how this guy is still creeping us out from beyond the grave.

I’m Mike Polk and I just took cheap shots a dead legend. And you’ve just been fed.