Miami Football

The “U” is being turned upside down. A former University of Miami booster who’s currently serving a 20 year prison sentence for his role in a $930 million ponzi scheme is coming clean about all the illegal activity that took place with the Hurricane sports programs from 2002-2010. Nevin Shapiro says he hooked up as many as 72 athletes with illegal gifts, ranging from cash to jewelry to rims for a car. Kinda sounds like a real-life rap video. He even admits to funding an abortion for an unnamed athlete. I know right? A multi-tasker. Now, I now you’re wondering how Luther Campbell from 2 Live Crew fits into this? Well he was the illegal booster at the U before Shapiro started!! How could a guy ask for a better mentor than the man who penned such classics as Dirty Nursery Rhymes, The Blank Shop, and Me So Horny?? Welcome to the University of Miami, where the school uniform for girls is your ass in a thong!!