Meghan McCain PSA

Meghan McCain PSA on Newsfeed – Meghan McCain participated in a PSA advising people to be safe to avoid skin cancer. She was among several female celebrities that posed nude or seemingly nude. They were addressing how not wearing sunscreen is the equivalent of being nude in the sun. America’s new Gary Busey Glenn Beck commented on how he was disgusted at McCain’s figure and remarked about how she should’ve put on a burka. McCain was upset and responded to Beck saying he shouldn’t talk about image issues since he looks like a “bag of turds.” Okay I made that quote up but she was angry and noted that he shouldn’t set such a bad example for his daughters but instead focus on the issue which was skin cancer or maybe even his cancelled show. ZING! Either way I saw the PSA and the only problem I had was that it told women it was okay to be naked on top of buildings. That’s a safety hazard. A sexy, sexy safety hazard. Someone invite me.