Meet Venus, The World's Only Known Two-Faced Cat

Posted by kürsat on Jul. 21, 2013

Referring to someone as 'two-faced', usually means he/she is deceitful or insincere. But Venus the cat is neither - She actually has . . . . . . Two facesCompletely black on the right and completely ginger on the left. What's even more amazing is that even her eye colors are different - blue on the ginger side and green on the black side. The striking-looking cat that now resides in Florida with Christina and Chris began her life as a feral stray at a North Carolina dairy farm. Christina discovered her accidentally after a friend posted some photos on her Facebook page. Meet Venus, The World's Only Known Two-Faced Cat, It was love at first sightGiven that she had an orange tabby and a black cat already, Christina thought adding Venus to the family seemed to make perfect sense. Given that the family was not really looking for an additional pet, she had to convince Chris a little. But once he saw the two gorgeous eyes he too, could not resist. Crazy Awesome Animals 4 http //

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