McConaughey in the Marvel Universe?! – MOVIE FIGHTS!

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Guests Alicia Malone (Malone’s Movie Minute), Mark Ellis (Schmoes Know) and Miri Jedeikin (AMC Movie Talk) debate the following topics with judge Andy Signore for the week of 5/24:

0:05:44 FIGHT 1 – Worst post-apocalyptic future to live in
0:16:13 FIGHT 2 – What superhero or villain should Matthew McConaughey play?
0:30:09 FIGHT 3 – Best fictional movie band
0:38:47 FIGHT 4 – What director should return to a franchise?
0:49:35 FIGHT 5 – What villain should get an origin movie?
1:02:18 FIGHT 6 – Best disaster movie
1:20:00 FIGHT 7 – Speed Round

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