May 21 2011

May 21 2011 on Newsfeed – May 21st is coming up and , it’s going to be the end of the world according to some Christian people who are crazy or RIGHT. I am personally super excited about this because I can’t wait to see Jesus in person. I imagine he looks like an old Mel Gibson! According to religious radio host Harold Camping the rapture will begin on May 21st and then the universe will be destroyed by God. I’m sorry for getting off topic but that sounds like the best videogame of all time. Also the 21st is a Saturday, really lord? You are just going to ruin my weekend? I would appreciate if you at least let my have my last bbq in peace before you send the antichrist. I imagine the antichrist looks like an old mel Gibson. It can go either way with that guy! So if you aren’t crazy don’t worry about it and have a great weekend, but if you are – start your goodbyes and get ready for the final war!