Mass Effect 2: Arrival: Upgrades

How to find all of the upgrades in the Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC: There are 3 major upgrades hidden in the Arrival DLC: a Heavy Weapon Ammo upgrade, a Medi-gel Capacity upgrade, and a Heavy Skin Weave upgrade. Lets take a look at where to find them: Soon after you arrive on Aratoht, youll reach an area where you have to blow up a gas main to explode out the wall. When you round the next corner, you could just run on, but instead activate both gas valves, revealing a Batarian break room. Youll find the Heavy Weapon Ammo upgrade in the corner. Later on Aratoht youll reach the cargo loading room. To proceed, youll have to move the crane, but before you hop down, maneuver the crane into the corner and pick up the cargo box. Behind it youll find a PDA which contains a Medi-gel Capacity upgrade. As a small bonus in the same area, after you descend through the cargo bay floor, you can raise the vehicle lift and score yourself some Medi-gel. The Heavy Skin Weave upgrade is located much later in the A