Mass Effect 2: Arrival: PT 6

Mass Effect 2: Arrival walkthrough: pt 6 24. Once you activate the console, you’ll have to protect Kenson while she hacks into it. Leave the console and quickly head back the way you came — you’ll engage a couple of Batarians who are coming at you. 25. Your goal first is to seal the door through which you came in: otherwise, Batarians will keep coming through it. Kill these first ones and sprint to the control panel to close it. 26. Quickly get back to Kenson and check the far side, where more batarians are attacking you from. Get behind cover and take them out. 27. Now groups will start to come up elevators, first on the right side, then on the left. Repeat the process: use cover and your abilities to quickly knock out the bad guys. 28. Finally, Kenson will raise a central elevator you can use to escape the area. Kill the last group of enemies that comes up with it and ride it to the hangar at the bottom. Quickly get behind cover when you get there.