Mass Effect 2: Arrival: PT 5

Mass Effect 2: Arrival walkthrough: pt 5 21. After the cutscene, you’ll engage a batarian in the hallway you just left. Turn around and head in the direction you were just headed, which will take you down a set of stairs and into a room that fans out to the left and right. Medigel and ammo to your left, the path to your right. 22. Through the next door, you’ll fight a couple more batarians. Take cover and deal with them quickly, then proceed around the edge of the room. 23. Watch for an ambush as you move up. A panel will open in the wall, revealing three or four enemy soldiers that will attack you through the new window. Get cover and take them out — biotics and tech work well when the guys are behind cover — and then head into the structure they were guarding. You’ll find your Security Console around the corner to the right. 24. Once you activate the console, you’ll have to protect Kenson while she hacks into it. Leave the console and quickly head back the way you came — you’ll engage a couple o