Mass Effect 2: Arrival: PT 4

Mass Effect 2: Arrival walkthrough: pt 4 17. Drop down on the truck you just lowered to reach the room below you. Once you’re down, get clear of the lift and hit the control again to find some credits beneath it. Leave by the nearby hallway, which leads to a door. 18. Keep moving and you’ll see two batarian guards in a small room. You can get past them by using the nearby crates for cover. You can take them down and listen in on Dr. Kenson’s interrogation, or you can go by them without fighting. 19. ACHIEVEMENT/TROPHY: If you can manage to get all the way through “The Arrival” without being detected by the batarians, you’ll unlock the “Covert Action” Achievement or Trophy. 20. Keep following the hallway until you hit a door on your left. Open it to trigger a cutscene and release Kenson. 21. After the cutscene, you’ll engage a batarian in the hallway you just left. Turn around and head in the direction you were just headed, which will take you down a set of stairs and into a room that fans out to