Mass Effect 2: Arrival: PT 3

Mass Effect 2: Arrival walkthrough: pt 3 11. You’ll hear two batarians having a discussion ahead to your left. Sneak by them and you’ll find a panel to cut power nearby. Then you can backtrack and get ready to deal with the pair of guards. 12. Try to take these guys down together to avoid detection. Use a grenade or explosive if you can to kill both simultaneously. After that, check the area to their left and then go through the door they were guarding. 13. You can search through the building here all the way to the far side, but you’ll want to come back and use the door immediately to the right after you come up the stairs. That will take you back outside: hop off the ledge and take the steps you find there. 14. Through the door at the top you’ll hear two more guards talking. They’re in the room through the glass on your right. Keep moving and you can pass by their room without engaging them. Use the door on the left and don’t pass in front of the glass they’re looking out through. 15. You’ll b