Mass Effect 2: Arrival: PT 2

Mass Effect 2: Arrival walkthrough: pt 2 4. Head into the facility. To open the door, cut power using the terminal around the right side of it. Head in and turn right to come to a T-junction; turn right again to find some Irridium on the ground. 5. Pull a 180 and follow the hallway to the bridge controls. They’re broken, so take the ramp downward to the left. At the bottom, take cover against the wall so you an sight the varren wandering just around the corner. Kill it fast to avoid detection if you can. 6. Activate the bridge on the control near the varren and head back up to cross. Keep moving along the hallway as you ascend some stairs. When you see a laser grid, kill it by cutting the power nearby and take the hallway branch left. 7. You’ll hit another varren. Kill it and keep moving around the corner. Another laser grid blocks your path, so head the other way and keep moving past the hole in the ground you saw earlier. 8. Before much longer, you’ll hit a dead end. Above the cracked wall is