Mass Effect 2: Arrival: PT 14

Mass Effect 2: Arrival walkthrough: pt 14 4. You still can’t get to the reactor, but you can now reach an elevator at the end of the hall. Take it up, grab the eezo from the crate, then take the next elevator. Ignore the door and find a PDA for credits on the table in the right corner of the lower portion of the room. 5. Now hit the door. Approach the next room carefully — you’ve got multiple enemies behind crates and other forms of cover, and they’re dug in pretty well. Take them down one at a time, maximizing head shots, before you push forward. 6. Head around the corner to the left, but be careful. There may be a straggler guard here who can put the hurt on you if he catches you unawares. Clip him and head up to the corner that goes to the right: take cover there. 7. You’ve got two engineers and three more guards here. If you’ve got ranged weapons, you can drop the regular enemies quickly with head shots before taking the engineers one at a time. 8. The next door requires some hacking, but once