Mass Effect 2: Arrival: PT 13

Mass Effect 2: Arrival walkthrough: pt 13 24. You can’t get down to Kenson, but you can go up. Take the elevator and then take cover. Clear the way and get to the green cooling rod. Activate it, then follow the hallway around to the right to another elevator. 25. At the bottom, run to the medical station for fresh Medigel, then to the left of it to the panel, where you can deactivate plasma venting from the reactor core. Beside that, on the right, is a PDA that will hand over some credits. 26. Head back toward the elevator and turn right, where you’ll find the door through the plasma vent room. Go through and turn left, where you can take cover against two guards. Watch the one moving toward you — he’s a pyro, so you need to take him out fast. 27. TIP: Kill these first two guys and you should be able to backtrack through the door just behind you, where you’ll find some Element Zero in a crate. 28. More guards are set up around the corner from you. Be careful as you approach them — get down behind t