Mass Effect 2: Arrival: PT 11

Mass Effect 2: Arrival walkthrough: pt 11 10. When you open the door, youll be attacked by a guy straight in front of you. Take cover in the doorway without heading through it and blast that guy from a distance. Watch the doorway on your left, which leads into the living quarters: more soldiers wait there, and they can get an firing angle on you if youre not careful. 11. Head through into the living quarters and take cover. Start taking out enemies and finding better positions to deal with them. Watch out for flashbangs as you fight. 12. With some excessive force in the form of techs and biotics, you should have few problems. Keep pushing forward when theyre dead and youll hit another glass tube hallway. 13. Next is the mess hall. Right in front of you as you enter is an enemy — if you can snag him with biotics or tech, do so quickly and stop him from moving. Then take cover facing left of the door as more enemies stream in. 14. Your position should be pretty decent, so just pick your shots to clea