Mass Effect 2: Arrival: PT 10

Mass Effect 2: Arrival walkthrough: pt 10 6. When you finally do go down, you’ll wake up in a medical bay some time later. Check the consoles for a research log to get a little back story, then hit the one for Mech Control — you’ll activate a mech in the next room. Kill the scientist, then use it to blow away the other mechs that come to stop you. 7. Proceed around the corner toward the door on the right. Open the panel nearby and you can shoot a power conduit to open the door and let yourself out of the medical bay. 8. Head up and get your equipment back from the nearby weapons locker. Check the room on the left for a datapad with a little more story, then head for the hallway that leads out. You can go left or right: down to the right, you’ll find some salvage and another log before leaving. 9. As you reach the outer hallway, two guards will attack you. Grab cover in one of the archways and use it to take them out. When you’re past them, open the door and move through the glass tube, but hold up a