Crazy Masked Men Jump Counter And Pistol-Whip Employee During Stickup

Two gun-toting robbers stormed a Bronx delicatessen and demanded employees to hand over all the cash in the register, violently pistol whipping them when they don’t comply quickly enough.

Surveillance footage released by police shows the two masked culprits entering the store with their handguns drawn. One of the robbers can be seen climbing over the counter and pistol-whipping a 48-year-old employee, while the other robber goes to menace another employee.

The worker hands over a wad of cash to the robber, who nervously adjusts his mask while barking orders. When the employee apparently hesitates, the thug leaps on top of the counter and begins stuffing his pockets with cash from the register.

The ordeal seems to be drawing to a close when the robber notices another register, which he orders the employee to empty. Off-camera, his accomplice also manages to steal the other employee’s cash. The pair then scurry out of the deli.

One employee was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries sustained during the robbery while the other was unharmed.