Masked Gunmen Steal Drugs At Pharmacy During Robbery In Washington

A pair of masked robbers who broke into a pharmacy in Sultan, Washington and stole boxes filled with prescription medications while holding employees at gunpoint could soon be brought to justice thanks to a new piece of evidence.

The incident, which took place on April 11 at around 7:00 pm, initially had police scratching their heads. Authorities claim that one of the masked suspects held the two pharmacy employees while the other stood watch.

One of the accomplices then made his way to where the medications were stored and begin filling a bag with prescription pills. Surveillance footage from the scene of the crime appears to show the thief looking for a specific type of drug, at one point asking an employee to help him find it.

Now, new footage from outside of the pharmacy appears to have uncovered the getaway vehicle, a silver 2002 Audi with a hard top and sunroof. The car’s license place have also been removed, so it’s safe to say that the driver was up to no good one way or the other.