Mary Magdalene and Lady Gaga

This is a transcript of Who is Mary Magdalene on Newsfeed…Lady Gaga is stirring up controversy after she played biblical figure Mary Magdalene in a recent music video for her song “Judas.” I’m not sure what the big deal is, this is the most clothes she worn in months… and none of it was edible. A number of Catholics have a problem with the video because it has a strong sexual overtone and they feel Gaga’s character misrepresents the teachings in the bible. But, they haven’t complained at all that Jesus and his disciples are portrayed as a ruthless biker gang, everyone knows that’s in the book of Harley. Lady Gaga said that the theme of the song and the video was about being able to forgive and love people in the face of betrayal, to which the Catholics responded with “We’re telling God on you!”