Manny Ramirez Arrested

Hey, Manny Ramirez just got arrested. Beleeb it! Yup, "MannyWood" is now a ghost town after the slugger, no pun intended, was arrested in Florida on Tuesday for physically assaulting his wife. striking her on the head and face. He was released on $2,500 bond. $2,500 bond?? This guy was making $25 million a year, ya couldn't up the ante a little bit Florida? Don't you have golf courses & retirement communities to keep in pristine condition? Charge Manny! When his wife was questioned about what happened, she stated that she caught him in the medicine cabinet again going for the fertility drugs again, she questioned him about it, so he slapped her like this (I motion it), then started crying, and ran into the living room to watch the movie "Beaches" on Blu-Ray. Ahhh that pesky Manny Ramirez. Ya can't live with him, ya can't sign him to longer than a 1 year contract because he's a lunatic.