Shocking Scene Where Man Walks Into Store And Casually Shoots Someone In The Leg

Outrageous surveillance footage out of Cincinnati shows the moment when a gunman opened fire inside of a cellphone retail shop. And it’s actually quite odd.

The stunning video shows a yet-unidentified man walking into the store, wandering around for a bit and then opening fire on another man.

The gunman fired multiple shots, although didn’t seem to take time to aim his weapon. One of the shots struck 25-year-old Miguel Beckles in the leg, causing him to topple to the ground.

Beckles was taken to the nearby University of Cincinnati Medical Center for treatment and is expected to fully recover.

Now, Cincinnati police are asking anyone with any information leading to the gunman’s arrest to come forward. No word has surfaced as to whether the incident was a failed hit, a planned robbery gone bad, or if it was just a random act of violence.