Man Stealing From New Jersey Bar Busted Minutes Later Thanks To New Security Cam

Police out of New Jersey have released surveillance footage from a bungled bar burglary that resulted in the swift arrest in the culprit when the bar’s owner noticed the crime in progress thanks to his brand-new security system.

The owner of Lombardi’s Bar and Restaurant in Cedar Grove was already home for the night when he received an alert on his smartphone about a possible break-in at his business. He checked the cameras and noticed that a robber was helping himself to his hard-earned cash out of the register.

He immediately contacted police and had officers rush to the premises, but the burglar had already fled the scene. The surveillance footage helped the cops identify the crook as a local 26-year-old man named Steven O’Connor.

Authorities then tracked O’Connor down to his residence, where he confessed to carrying out the heist. After finding the gear that he used to break into the bar, police slapped O’Malley with one count each of burglary, theft, and possession of burglary tools.