Man Shoots Carjacker In The Neck, Blood Trail Leads To Arrest

A Michigan carjacker who tried to steal an armed man’s vehicle found himself nursing a gunshot wound to the neck, one that produced enough blood to make a trail that police used to track the crook down.

The bizarre incident took place at a Warren gas station at around 3:00 am, when a man in a red Dodge Challenger emerged from the gas station to find someone trying to steal his car. After a brief struggle, the culprit sped away in the stolen vehicle, only for the owner to fire off several shots.

The neck wound caused the stunned carjacker to crash the vehicle into a pole. He tried to ditch the vehicle and escape on foot, but police officers were able to follow a gruesome trail made of the robber’s blood and put him into custody. He is currently in the hospital and is expected to recover.

Authorities are now trying to determine whether the shooter should be charged in relation to the incident, as Michigan’s “Stand Your Ground” law may not apply to the situation in the video.