Man Pulls Out Gun In Broad Daylight And Opens Fire On 12-Year-Old Boy

Police in New York City have released surveillance footage from the moment when a heinous individual attempted to shoot a 12-year-old boy at point blank range. Miraculously, he missed both shots, and now police are on the lookout for the shooter.

According to witnesses, the gunman – a man standing 5-foot-9 and last seen wearing a black T-shirt and blue shorts – appeared to be strolling by the barber shop when he noticed the victim sitting outside.

He then asked the boy, “Are you from Douglass?” in reference to a nearby public housing project called Frederick Douglass Houses. When the victim answered in the affirmative, the gunman paused and moved a few steps back before producing a gun from his waistband.

After firing one shot, the gunman jumps around for a few moments, apparently assessing whether the target had been hit. He then fires a second shot before sprinting away from the premises.

No word has surfaced as to any potential motive behind the attempted murder.