Cool Footage Of Giant Man-Made Avalanche Crashing Down Utah Mountainside

This is the moment when a sudden avalanche crashed down a mountainside and spilled onto a roadway in Utah’s Little Cottonwood Canyon, the latest in a series of avalanches that were caused by the Utah Department of Transportation’s work crews.

In the footage, which was captured by a UDOT traffic camera on SR-210, an otherwise tranquil morning is interrupted by a deluge of loose snow that surges over treetops on its way down to the road.

According to UDOT Public Information Officer John Gleason, the department has triggered a whopping 40 avalanches, at least seven of which have reached the roadway and entered the canyon. Gleason claimed that the conditions are currently as perilous as they have ever been in the area.

UDOT is erring on the side of caution when it comes to re-opening Little Cottonwood Canyon; avalanche control worker Craig Patterson was killed in 2013 in a freak work-related accident, and his death brought about increased safety standards for the department.