Man Limps Into Store, Calmly Limps Out With $600 Worth Of Razor Blades

We’ve seen enough shoplifters to know that every single one has his or her own style. Some are sneaky ninjas in training who enjoy the art of stealth, while others use deception to trick store employees into thinking that they have a reason to be stealing merchandise.

This guy, however… his style is called “get the hell out of my way.” Surveillance footage out of Fort Myers, Florida shows the moment when a determined shoplifter with a pronounced limp grabbed exactly what he wanted from a CVS store and would not let anyone stop him from leaving without paying.

The culprit, who police describe as a heavyset African-American man in his 40s or 50s, can be seen hobbling into the pharmacy and taking a basket. Later, he is spotted again after loading up $600 worth of razor blades in his basket and bee-lining toward the entrance.

An employee notices the heist in progress and moves in to stop the man, but it’s too late. He smacks the worker in the face, twists out of his grasp, and makes it to the sidewalk, where store policy dictates that he is essentially scot-free.