Man Left Bloody After He Got Tased While Running From Police And Faceplanted

A police department in Iowa has released dashcam footage from a routine traffic stop that ended with a relatively tame taser deployment – and one that was circulated on social media as an example of police brutality.

The footage shows a Davenport police officer pulling over an SUV for rolling through a stop sign. In the clip, the officer can be heard politely conversing with driver Untril Overstreet, but when he notices marijuana in the car, things take a turn.

The pair then ask Overstreet to exit the vehicle and initiate a pat down, but instead of complying, he begins flailing his fists around in an apparent attempt to do some damage. Overstreet then sprints down the street with the officers in hot pursuit.

It doesn’t take long for one of the officers to produce his taser and pop Overstreet in the back, causing the man to fall face-first onto the street. He continues to struggle for several minutes until the cops successfully cuff him and haul him off to jail.

A picture of Overstreet’s facial injuries circulated on Facebook with the suggestion that they were caused by overly violent police officers, but the newly released footage appear to show that the injuries he sustained would have been from faceplanting after being tased.