Scary Scene In Detroit Where Man Gets Robbed While Loading His Car

One second you’re loading something into the back of your car and the next second you’re getting robbed at gunpoint by a pair of thugs; such is life in Detroit. Police have released surveillance footage of a brazen attack that saw the victim suffer several gunshot wounds.

In the clip, a 50-year-old man can be seen standing near his vehicle with two people waiting nearby. Suddenly, a black sedan pulls up to the parked car as its driver and passenger jump out to accost the startled victim.

During the brief struggle, the robber peels off several shots at point-blank range, injuring the victim. He quickly got back into the car and drove away, and it is unclear whether he made off with any of the victim’s belongings.

The victim was taken to a nearby hospital, but the good news is he’s expected to survive. Now, police are on the lookout for the two culprits, who have been described as black men in their 20s with light complexions and thin builds.