Pervert Caught By Police With Lotions, A Teddy Bear And His Pants Pulled Down

Police in Florida are being hailed as heroes in what may have been the creepiest incident of 2017. A 26-year-old man who tried to abduct a teenage girl from the side of the road was later pulled over and arrested when cops noticed an eerily-placed teddy bear and a variety of lotions on his passenger seat – as well as the fact that his pants were unzipped.

Holy. Crap.

Local reports indicate that pervy Jonathan Buchanan pulled up next to an unsuspecting 16-year-old girl at around 6:00 am before leaping out of the car and assaulting her. He grabbed her rear end and put his hand around her mouth so that she couldn’t scream as he hauled her into his car.

The quick-thinking teen bit Buchanan’s hand as hard as she could, and when he recoiled in pain, she began screaming for help. When the creep extraordinaire sped off in fear, the girl’s 911 call managed to give law enforcement enough info to track Buchanan down just a short while later.

It wasn’t until police actually pulled him over that they realized he was toting an assortment of creams and a teddy bear. Police detained Buchanan and tried to check if he had a bite mark on his hand, but he refused to unclench his fist, only doing so when a search warrant was obtained.

It was later determined that Buchanan had been reported to the authorities back in 2015 for begging a teenage girl to have sex with him as she walked by him.

The teddy bear snatcher faces charges of kidnapping and battery.