Disturbing Footage Of Man Who Attacked Hotel Worker And Then Returned To Scene

A deranged man who waltzed into a West Omaha hotel and tried to force a female employee into a restroom has been identified as 29-year-old Zachary Person and slapped with several charges related to the incident.

The unnerving surveillance footage shows the moment when Person, wearing a black ski mask, strolled into the Home 2 Suites hotel and managed to find his way to an office where the employee was working.

He then lurked in the hallway until she peeked out to see who it was. When she did, Person grabbed her, began groping her, and tried to pull her to the bathroom, but she managed to break free and remove his ski mask in the process.

As the victim was on the phone with police, the man suddenly returned and began chasing her throughout the hotel in an attempt to retrieve the ski mask.

Investigators learned that this is not the first time Person has pulled off a similar stunt: he was charged with a misdemeanor in another county for grabbing a female convenience store clerk, while another similar case in South Dakota is still pending.

Person faces one count of second degree sexual assault and one count of first degree false imprisonment. Now, police are looking to see if he has antagonized any other women in the area.