Lunatic Uses His Car To Try To Murder Three Cops

Footage of the moment when a man ran down three Phoenix police officers in his car has been released. The horrifying attack, which authorities have referred to as “targeted,” was recorded by surveillance cameras.

In the above clip, three officers can be seen standing next to a police cruiser in the parking lot of a QuikTrip convenience store, KSAZ-TV reported. Suddenly, a red sedan speeds into frame and careens toward the cops, plowing over one of them and sending another flying.

"These officers could have easily been killed and I thank God that we are not planning three funerals right now," Phoenix Police Chief Joe Yahner said. Two of them were hospitalized: a 41-year-old sergeant who was treated for a broken leg and released, and a 33-year-old rookie officer who suffered non-life threatening head injuries. It was the rookie officer’s first day on the job.

Marc LaQuon Payne, 44, faces attempted murder charges for the brazen attack. Chief Yahner revealed that Payne has a history of confrontations with law enforcement, including a 1997 scuffle with an arresting officer that resulted with Payne getting put on probation.

Payne, who was intoxicated at the time of the incident, similarly resisted his arrest. "Unbelievable... our officer hits glass, gets back up, takes suspect in custody, runs over us, still fights with us as we try to take him into custody," said Yahner, adding that a taser needed to be used in order to subdue him.