Lulzec Hacker Arrested

Lulzec Hacker Arrested on Newsfeed -Lulzsec, which is short for Lulz Security, just like JoMac is short for Josh Macuga, has been the hot stuff these days, getting busy with some hacker biznass. Sorry I won’t talk like that again. If you’re not familiar, or Familz for short, with Lulzsec they’re a hilarious company that exposes flaws in major corporations websites by hacking into them, crashing the site, freaking all the employees out and then making jokes about how cool they are. Recently however a Lulzsec hacker was arrested in London and get this, he was 19! So shocking that a young kid is really good at computer hacking, because I would figure my Dad and all his 60 year old buddies would be the ideal candidates to hack into corporate main frames. On a side note my Dad does not know how to text.