Shoplifter Tries To Drive Off With Loss-Prevention Officer On The Hood

This is one of those times that someone took their job a little too seriously. Police in Crescent Springs, Kentucky have released surveillance footage of the moment when a Home Depot loss-prevention officer found herself clinging to the hood of a shoplifter’s moving vehicle.

The bizarre incident began when an unidentified suspect waltzed out of the store without paying for his goods. The tenacious security guard chased him all the way to his car, but it wasn’t long before the tables turned.

Somehow, the officer wound up on the hood of the getaway car, perhaps attempting to stop the crook from driving away. He instead carries her for several feet before she loses her grip and falls to the sidewalk, where she is nearly run over.

As the shoplifter turns and begins to drive away, two Good Samaritans rush to her aid while a third tries to sneak a peek at the license plate, which was obstructed from view.

Police announced that the culprit could face charges much more serious than shoplifting once he is apprehended. They also encouraged other loss-prevention officers not to endanger themselves, particularly when the item being stolen is relatively inexpensive.