Hi I’m Jonathan London and you’re watching Newsfeed. Six straight wins and over 130 Jeremy Lin points and we are still talking about the damned New York Knicks. Why? Well, one, it’s the New York Knicks! Nobody cares if the Milwaukee Bucks or Charlotte Bobcats go on a 6 game win streak. Most people forget those cities still even have NBA teams. Two, people are still really racist. Jeremy Lin can play. He did make the NBA. Golden State and Houston just weren’t smart enough to put him in the games and now they're acting like everyone else watching the guy from American Pie break his arm and then play for the Cubs in Rookie of the Year. Finally, people are asking how notorious ball hogs Carmelo Anthony and Baron Davis will mesh with Lin after they return to Coach Mike D’Antoni’s lineup. Well, considering both guys were drafted third and continue to hurt each team that they end up on? About as good as anyone, I guess. Right, Tracy McGrady, the last ball-hungry star to share the court with a Chinese Superstar? I’