Lighter Camera Lighter DVR Spy Lighter Camera OMEJO.COM zippo style Lighter Camera DVR is aimed at market demonstration of a MINI DV product, has advanced digital camera industry, sound recordingmobile storage function, novel appearance refined, beautifulpractical, easy to carry. Description:Here is a hi-tech gadget that appears it could have come from Qs laboratory. Who would believe that this Zippo-style case does not contain a lighter, but instead actually contains a digital camera capable of holding video recording? This lighter camera uses brand new technology to capture highly-detailed videos with incredibly clear video compress file sizes. After all, it wouldnt be terribly stealthy stopping in the middle of a mission to insert another memory card, would it? of course not.because its built in 4GB menmory .so no need to insert another memory card.Sneaking a video indoors is also inconspicuous thanks to omejo technology that allows you to take clear videos in day light without using a flash. Of course, you can also capt