Badass Cop Disarms Suicidal Man With A Rifle

A bloodcurdling encounter between a Georgia police officer and a rifle-wielding man who was intent on taking his own life was caught on dashcam footage and released by authorities for the world to see.

The video shows a man standing outside of his pickup truck as Lieutenant Mark Hess calmly approaches. Suddenly, the man pulls out a rifle, so Hess responds by brandishing his own firearm and yelling, “Put it down! Put it down!”

But the distressed man seems unfazed. He non-threateningly holds the rifle in his right hand while slowly approaching Hess and asking to be shot. “Shoot me! Kill me!” he screams.

Their standoff lasts for nearly a minute. Finally, the suicidal man takes a step away from Hess but appears to lose his balance and drop the rifle. That’s when Hess springs into action, taking the man down with a rapid tackle and putting him in a choke hold until backup arrives.

No word has surfaced as to what charges the man will face in relation to the unsettling incident.