Ding Dong, the tyrant is almost dead. Muammar Gaddafi’s days as the dictator of Libya appear to be numbered as Libyan rebels have reached the capital city of Tripoli and captured one of his sons, Saif al-Islam. Aside from having so much plastic surgery done over the years that he makes Joan Rivers look human, Gaddafi has multiple outstanding arrest warrants for crimes against humanity. Even though NATO and rebel fighters said they would halt their attacks if he would just step down, Gaddafi refuses and has become the a-hole villian from most 80’s teen movies – “Put him in a body bag Gaddafi!!”. But of course, once he loses all hope and realizes that there’s no shot of victory, he’ll back down like “Hey, ya know that whole torturing and killing civilians and rebels thing I did…my bad!! Do you need some oil? I can hook that up. Let’s hope those Libyan Runnin’ Rebels take care of business soon!