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Posted by Frederator on Jul. 14, 2009

On The Level Submitted by Michael Rutter Learn Your Alphablakes! Boutros, Boutros, Lah-Dee-Dah! Submitted by Karen Abad Unfair Submitted by   Ian Jones-Quartey  Exciting times, everyone!  This week, weve got three awesome cartoons, starting off with a poor fellow who has a touch of the OCD.  Then its Alphablakes, a description of Blake by his friend Karen Abad.  Last but not least, weve rocked it hard with Unfair, the story of Ian Jones-Quartey at age 4.  And guess what?  Those last two animators are in the studio with Justin and Fred!  AWESOME!How do you enjoy the ride?  Give the Fredbot and Justin a call at 888-414-8148 and let them know!

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Tags airplanes, construction, cartoons, paper, ocd, obsessive, compulsive, justinjohnson, channelfrederato

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