Les Paul History

Les Paul History on NewsFeed – If you happened to go to the Google homepage June 9th, you would have noticed that the google doodle at the top was designed like a guitar that you can play and record a song on. This is to honor the birthday of Les Paul, the creator of the Gibson electric guitar, not to annoy all your coworkers, though I am sure it did a solid job at that.

Les Paul created his first solid body electric guitar that he named “The Log” in 1940. Gibson put the guitar into mass production in 1946 but decided to go with his own name rather than one that made 8th graders laugh. Check out my new log.

In 1948, Les Paul was in a car accident and surgeons told him he could either have his arm fixed in a position for life or amputated. He chose fixed at a 90 degree angle so he could play his guitar and more importantly so he could throw up one of these.