Leaked Tiger Woods Mistress Sex Tape

It’s hard to tell which mistress he’s having sex with in this clip, but this leaked tape won’t help the Tiger Woods saga end any time soon. Every tiger video that pops up after this one will have to go under scrutiny. What if tiger video taped every single one of his encounters? That’d be a lot of valuable tiger video right there. It’s definitely the only sex tape I’ve ever seen that featured a caddy before. I’m just happy that old Tiger didn’t bring any of his clubs into the bedroom with him; you never know what kind of peccadilloes this guy might be wrestling with in his subconscious. Plenty of his lascivious texts skewed toward the forceful and kinky side. Why do the nice guys always end up breaking your heart and crashing their Escalades into trees? The Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Keeley Hazell sex tapes have also been rumored to exist and have wreaked havoc in these celebs lives.
Thank god young Kate Upton was not mixed up in all this. At least one celebrity can exist without a sex tape.