Footage Of PhD Candidate’s Harrowing Arrest After False Claim That He Stole Car

Police in Evanston, Illinois have just released video footage of the arrest of a Northwestern University graduate student who was falsely accused of stealing a car.

Lawrence Crosby, a PhD candidate, was getting into his car when a woman called 911 to report what she thought was a theft in progress. The woman continued to follow Crosby after he drove away, honking her horn and notifying emergency dispatchers of his location all the while.

Officers soon arrived and pulled Crosby over. He exited the vehicle with his hands up in the air and holding a cellphone. Police ordered him to the ground and when he hesitated, the responding officers tackled him.

That’s when things got violent: the officers began hitting Crosby with a flurry of punches and knee strikes to his legs and upper thighs to get him to submit. Soon thereafter, Crosby was placed in handcuffs and taken into custody.

In a statement, the Evanston Police Department stood by the use of force against Crosby as proper procedure. However, the department also noted that suspects in future run-ins like Crosby’s will no longer be “proned,” in part because it “gives a bad perception.”

Crosby was charged with disobedience to police, but the charge was later dismissed. Now, the graduate student has launched a lawsuit against the city citing mistreatment.