Last Supper Menu

Here is a transcript of LAST SUPPER MENU on Newsfeed – According to Christian belief, the Last Supper was an event in which Jesus sat down with his 12 Apostles to eat for the last time before his crucifixion. It is widely accepted that they ate bread and drank wine, but did you also know that they had traditional Hebrew delicacy… buffalo chicken wraps? Alright, maybe not that one, I’m just trying to spice up the Easter brunch menu at my parent’s house this year. In biblical scriptures, it says that Jesus told his disciples at the Last Supper that the bread was to signify his body and the wine his blood. Do think any of them interjected like, “Whoa Jesus, mind not turnin’ a simple guys night out into a creepy vampire story? I mean come on, this is the bible… not Twilight.”