Laser Illusionist is Awesome

Posted by BlackSheep_882 on Jun. 27, 2007

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This laser illusionist amazes a crowd and films an awesome video. This awe inspiring show is the future of illusionists. Creating an monumental show out of nothing more than light, this master magician inspires the entire audience. Although based on what i know of light saber technology, which is quite a bit, he should have chopped himself in 2000 pieces already. That or he has some new sith technology I'm not aware of. Perhaps he will reveal this secret in the next awesome video.A laser illusionist creates and awesome video for the masses. The incredible magician makes the simplest beam of light a spectacle that you will have to see twice to believe. In an awe inspiring show of light, reality is bent so that what is real becomes a puff of smoke, and light is able to hold objects. This guy should stop performing for audiences and begin work on a light saber posthaste.

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